Deane Cameron Recording Studio

Perched at the top of Allied Music Centre on the 7th floor is the Deane Cameron Recording Studio designed with artistic development in mind. Equally suited as a classroom for music education where students get hands-on with instruments, a space for musicians to rehearse for their big show at Massey Hall, or a professionally appointed recording studio where an artist can record their next masterpiece, creators will appreciate the acoustically treated space and its suite of available resources as they hone their craft and develop their art. The views of the city skyline will only add to the inspiring nature of the Studio.

Remembering Deane Cameron - On May 16, 2019, the world lost one of its greatest music champions. Deane Cameron started in the warehouse at EMI Music Canada in 1972, working his way to the top, becoming President in 1988 where he remained at the helm until 2012, leaving an indelible mark on Canadian culture. In 2015, Deane took over as President & CEO of the Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall to drive the most significant revitalization in Massey Hall’s history. Now, with the opening of the Deane Cameron Recording Studio, he will be intrinsically linked to the legendary Massey Hall as the studio is perched atop the seven storey building that is adjacent to the historic hall. This new building also houses TD Music Hall (opened Feb 2023), a new community theatre (opening soon!) plus, other spaces for music creation and education – all collectively known as Allied Music Centre. It is here where Deane’s memory and legacy will be honoured.

The Deane Cameron Recording Studio, Powered By Apple - The Deane Cameron Recording Studio is powered by Mac Pro super-charged by the M2 Ultra chip, the largest and most capable chip Apple has ever created making Mac Pro one of the most powerful Mac desktops ever made. Mac Pro with M2 Ultra delivers a huge performance increase compared to the Intel-based Mac Pro. In fact, the Mac Pro with M2 Ultra is up to 3x faster than the most powerful Intel based Mac Pro. What sets Mac Pro a part is its unique PCIe expansion capability, that takes the most demanding workflows to the next level. The Mac Pro at the Deane Cameron Recording Studio is using the Pro Tools HDX PCIe Card that helps process thousands of audio streams at staggering speeds. PCIe expansion can support audio and video I/O and high performance storage and networking. The 6 PCIe Gen 4 slots in Mac Pro provide twice the bandwidth compared to the Intel Mac Pro. The Deane Cameron Recording Studio also features a Pro Display XDR, the world’s best Pro Display and the first 32-inch Retina 6K display ever. Two iPad 10th-gens offer a flexible, reliable solution to help control hardware. And Mac Studio with Studio Display powers the two recording suites making it easy to work on a project in a suite and bring it over to the control room.

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