Arcade Fire

What's in the Case?

Shirt: Worn by singer and musician Win Butler of Arcade Fire at Massey Hall and as part of the band's Neon Bible Tour.

Drum and Crash Helmet: Both were used extensively (and theatrically) at Massey Hall and on the Neon Bible Tour. These items were both used as percussion instruments as part of the show. The crash helmet on display was often used percussively by Will Butler and Richard Reed Parry, (as seen in the link below), as well as the drum, which was regularly and relentlessly thrown across the stage to band members and even sometimes fans.

All-Access Pass: Original backstage pass used by the band and crew on the Neon Bible Tour

Photo: Win Butler of Arcade Fire performing at Massey Hall during the Neon Bible tour. This shirt is featured in the Arcade Fire display case at Massey Hall.

Arcade Fire and Massey Hall

Montreal’s Arcade Fire performed a pair of unforgettable sold-out dates at Massey Hall on May 15 and 16, 2007. These shows happened on the heels of their International rise to fame following the success of their debut record. Hailed by Exclaim Magazine as “a triumphant performance all around, ” they wrote in a review of night 1 “When they closed the set merging Funerals "Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)” and "Rebellion (Lies),” the response was so electric it was as if Benny Hinn himself was in front of us spreading the gospel and making loyal followers swoon.” By all accounts, these dates that supported their sophomore album helped cement the band's reputation as must-see artists and trailblazers. Similarly, Alternative weekly NOW Magazine stated in its perfect NNNNN review of night 2 “the Fire have poured every ounce of their resources into delivering the most intense, exhilarating stage show you’re likely to see any rock outfit deliver. Ever…pretty fucking magical.”

Artist Biography

Emerging from Montreal in the early 2000s, Arcade Fire quickly earned a reputation as “the greatest live band in the world” (per the Daily Telegraph), while building a JUNO, Grammy and BRIT Award-winning discography. Their debut album Funeral, released in 2004, earned the group JUNO and Grammy nominations and was chosen by Rolling Stone as the Number 1 album of the ‘00s.

The band released four more critically and commercially acclaimed albums with accolades that include 11 JUNO Award wins, 27 nominations, and a Grammy Award win for Album of the Year for The Suburbs. Their forthcoming album WE is scheduled for release on May 6, 2022.

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