Artists' Lab

Allied Music Centre will be more than just a series of state-of-the-art, iconic music venues in which artists will perform. On the 7th floor, it will also house a series of dedicated creative spaces and resources to support the overall musical journey of a performer.

These spaces will allow artists to take time from their busy touring schedules to focus on their professional and creative needs, ranging from composing a new song or mixing a new demo in one of the acoustically treated rooms equipped with digital audio workstations to facilitating press interviews and interacting with fans on social media using state of the art production facilities. Allied Music Centre will be a hub of creativity for all artists, whether on tour and passing through town or for a longer artist-in-residence stay.

The addition of an instrument library will also be made available to musicians of all ages and abilities, offering everything from ukuleles for visiting elementary school students to one-of-a-kind instruments for the professional artists – ultimately nurturing creativity and music development at every level.